Need A Copy Editor?

The Following Services Are Available:

Copyediting, basic:

  • Check for spelling and grammar
  • Check for punctuation
  • Check consistency in spelling, word usage, and capitalization

Copyediting, heavy:

  • Everything with basic copyediting
  • Check for voice
  • Check for consistency in characterization, plot, and setting
  • Check for transitions and readability
  • Offer suggestions to author for additions or deletions of sentences
  • Check for consistency with MLA or other style needed for academic articles
  • Check for consistency with The Chicago Manual of Style for manuscripts
  • Check consistency with charts and tables
  • Check Table of Contents


  • Copyediting, basic: $30/hr (5-10 pgs/hr)
  • Copyediting, heavy: $40/hr (2-5 pgs/hr)

Work Experience:

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